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Haemostatix is developing first-in-class clotting agents or ‘haemostats’, for the treatment of bleeding in surgery and trauma. The company has pioneered a new approach to the control of bleeding that is based on a peptide that binds to the clotting protein fibrinogen, inducing the rapid and targeted formation of clots. This innovative technology platform is being used to develop a pipeline of topical and systemic products to prevent or control different forms of bleeding.

Haemostatix's products include:  PeproStat™, a topical haemostat that is applied directly to wounds to rapidly control bleeding during surgery or trauma. PeproStat has a novel mode of action that is fast and effective. The product is also stable in liquid form in contrast to the main competitor, blood-derived thrombin, enabling the development of ready-to-use formulations, a key unmet need.  HaemoPlax™ is a platelet substitute in development for the prevention of bleeding in leukaemic patients with platelet deficiency or ‘thrombocytopenia'. HXTC901 is a 'pro-drug' version of HaemoPlax that is activated by the enzyme thrombin at a wound site. HXTC 901 is designed to control more active bleeds in surgery or trauma.  

Haemostatix is based at BioCity Nottingham, UK, in the City’s Creative Quarter

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