Vivacta is developing a unique monitoring system to measure patient outcomes in real time at the point-of-care, whether in the hospital, in physician offices or at home. For chronic therapies, regular near-patient monitoring of drug levels and drug response allows faster therapy adjustment and longer periods within therapeutic range, leading to improved clinical and economic outcomes of interest to reimbursement agencies. The system, which uses revolutionary piezofilm technology but which requires no sample preparation, puts the precision and performance of lab-based analysers at the disposal of non-expert users including patients themselves. In a world where clinical and economic outcomes increasingly drive reimbursement of new therapies and affect re-appraisal of established treatments, the simple-to-use Vivacta desktop device has the potential to revolutionise the personalisation of pharmaceutical care.

Vivacta is a privately-held, venture capital-backed medical diagnostic company developing its proprietary piezofilm technology to achieve extremely high sensitivity and dynamic range for a new generation of diagnostic and monitoring products adapted to near-patient testing. The company's system has been validated for large molecules such as proteins as well as small molecule drugs and provides actionable information to users in 5-10 minutes. Beyond diagnosis of disease, the platform has significant utility in the monitoring of drug levels simultaneously with the monitoring of drug response (measuring biomarkers of drug response, disease response or other pharmacodynamic measures, including anti-drug antibodies or other prognostic measures). While the system also has the potential to measure nucleic acid analytes, useful in the pharmacogenomic prediction of patient response to therapy, the system’s broader applications in personalised medicine arise from its capacity to measure protein and small molecule analytes, rapidly and locally.

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