Mr Peter Farmer

Molecular Profiles provides contract development and manufacturing services for clients globally. We specialise in early development and clinical trial manufacturing up to phase IIb and have expertise in understanding and formulating drug candidates that possess challenging characteristics. Our experience and capabilities provide the following product outputs; solid oral dosage forms for immediate and modified release, topicals, liquids and DPI products, we also utilise Xcelodose precision dosing for rapid development of low dose clinical trial supplies. Our facilities can handle potent candidates and controlled drug substances.

We utilise the most appropriate formulation strategy for your drug candidate based around your quality target product profile. For example in the formulation development of poorly water soluble / bioavailable candidates this may include our expertise in nanomilling, spray drying, SEDDS, SMEDDS and other absorption enhancing approaches.

Underpinning all of our development and manufacturing expertise is a wealth of experience in materials characterisation and analysis which has been utilised to solve some of the most complex challenges in API and formulation development. Our renowned problem to solution approach has been utilised on over a 1000 development projects and also in establishing the patent position for commercialised blockbuster products.

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Molecular Profiles
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Ms Angelina Fisher United Kingdom

Founded in 2002, Advocates Ltd., Pharmaceutical & Healthcare is a global Contract Development Services Organisation (CDSO), based in Hong Kong, USA and Scotland.

Advocates Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
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Ms Julie Foster

Epistem is a biotechnology company with a specialist understanding of epithelial tissue and stem cell analyses.

The Contract Research Division delivers innovative preclinical research services in the areas of oncology, mucositis, inflammation, wound healing and skincare.

Highlights include 1st in class services in:

Oncology: We have a particular focus in developing preclinical in vivo models of Oncology that are clinically relevant. Some of these include novel models of Leukemia, orthotopic colon, orthotopic lung, orthotopic breast, and novel models of prostate cancer.

Inflammation: We are highly experienced in the field of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and offer 3 preclinical models of the disease: Adoptive T-cell transfer (chronic), DSS (acute) and TNBS (acute). We are also now offering in vitro inflammation assays, and are developing in vivo models of RA.

Mucositis: World renowned experience in Oral and Intestinal Mucositis. Epistem can progress a potential therapeutic candidate through mechanism of action studies, dose optimisation and scheduling, to functional efficacy studies.

Plucked Hair Biomarker Platform: Patient plucked hair is an ideal surrogate tissue that can be used to measure direct response to drug treatment for biomarker studies. Epistem has developed an innovative, non-invasive plucked hair biomarker platform that enables measurment of target changes in response to drug (including phosphorylated proteins) within a single plucked human hair.

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Mr Matthew Frayne

ProImmune is your ideal strategic partner for managing the immunogenicity risk of biological drugs, the discovery of new antigens, e.g. for targeted sub-unit vaccines, and monitoring immune responses, such as cellular and humoral immune responses, with the most advanced technologies.

Whether you are looking to improve the specificity of your therapy, reduce unwanted immunogenicity or simply broaden your IP portfolio, we can provide all or any part of the solution.

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