Pathology Diagnostics

Pathology Diagnostics Ltd. based in Cambridge UK, is a leading industry accredited research organisation providing tissue laboratory and diagnostic services to international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and companion diagnostics clients. We provided centralized integrated drug and biomarker testing on human and rodent tissues including IHC assay validation, digital whole slide scanning and fully automated quantitative image analysis enabling faster higher quality results at a fraction of the cost of traditional pathology approaches. We have a proven track record in early discovery & preclinical studies, clinical trials, biomarker and companion diagnostic R&D enabling you to make objective data driven decisions on your studies. Our team consists of on-site and remote medical and veterinary pathologists plus research scientists with several decades’ pathology and research experience. We hold full industry accreditation so that you may be assured that the results we generate are accurate consistent and reliable.

At Pathology Diagnostics Ltd we are embracing developments in digital pathology to become a leading reference laboratory for biomarker testing for personalized medicine. Over the last few years we have e valuated over 130 biomarkers in > 75,000 patient samples from a wide variety of tumour and normal tissues in oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic, neurodegenerative & respiratory disease.

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Dr Madhuri Warren
Dr Josiah Dungwa

Penn Pharmaceutical Services

Penn is a provider of an integrated range of services to the global pharmaceutical industry. They provide consultancy on matters relating to CMC data and the role of the QP. Their core services are Pre-formulation studies, Formulation Development including expertise in poorly soluble molecules, Analytical Services including stability testing, Clinical Trials Supplies from phase I-IV and commercial supply. Penn is a leading provider of Hi Contaiment Solid Oral Dose Manufacturing and for clinical trial manufacturing/packing/labelling/distribution services. Penn has been FDA inspected 9 times in recent years and has 7 QPs on site.

Their product offer and experience is wide - including solid dose forms, liquids, semi solids and high containment processing. Dedicated Phase I and ISS teams

Penn services include:

CMC Consultancy, Formulation Development, Analytical Development, Clinical Trial Supply, Contract Manufacturing, Qualified Persons Release Services, Paediatrics Formulation and Manufacturing, Hi-Potency capabilities, Orphan drug expertise, More than 30 Years of specials, manufacturing expertise, Comparator Sourcing.

The above offerings are all under one roof providing a strong and easy communication channel between departments making developments, manufacturing and analytical processes.

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Mr Michael Kruidenier
Mr Michael Kruidenier

Phynova Group

Phynova is an innovative life sciences company based in Oxford with research facilities in China that uses a plant chemistry platform to develop patented actives for use in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. Drug candidates and functional ingredients under development target post-operative ileus (POI), MRSA, hepatitis C, glucose control and hyperpigmentation and melanin production.

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Dr Ian Scoular


Physiomics plc combines systems biology with cutting edge mathematics to develop models that streamline the drug discovery and development process. Virtual Tumour, the company’s lead service, is used to optimise the dosing and scheduling of oncology drugs in pre-clinical trials, reducing the need for animal experiments. This optimisation also improves the efficacy of combinations in pre-clinical xenografts.

The company is also developing:

(i) Virtual Tumour Clinical, to directly predict optimal regimens for human clinical trials.

(ii) Cardiac tox prediction service, to predict unwanted toxic side effects of drug candidates early on in the drug discovery process.

(iii) Drug combinations database, for researchers and clinicians to rapidly access literature data on pre-clinical and clinical regimens and their effects.

Physiomics has worked with Eli Lilly since 2007 and recently added a further two large pharmaceutical clients. In addition, Physiomics has collaborated with a number of other companies including Bayer Technology Services, Sareum, ValiRx, Cancer Research Technologies and Cyclacel. Fee-for-service, licensing and revenue sharing options are available.

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Mr Mark Chadwick


ProImmune is your ideal strategic partner for managing the immunogenicity risk of biological drugs, the discovery of new antigens, e.g. for targeted sub-unit vaccines, and monitoring immune responses, such as cellular and humoral immune responses, with the most advanced technologies.

Whether you are looking to improve the specificity of your therapy, reduce unwanted immunogenicity or simply broaden your IP portfolio, we can provide all or any part of the solution.

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Mr Matthew Frayne