Almac Group United Kingdom

Almac provides a comprehensive range of integrated services from research through to commercialisation.  Almac is a financially stable, privately owned organisation with over 3,300 employees located within the US and UK. Over 95% of work is repeat business, testament itself to the quality, innovation, efficiency and the high level of customer satisfaction provided.   

Services Offered
Almac’s integrated solutions extend from research to commercialisation and include:

Biomarker Discovery & Development:
·         Companion Diagnostic Development
·         Genomic Services
·         Bioinformatics Consultancy
·         Proprietary Discovery Arrays

API Services & Chemical Development:
·         API Development & Manufacture
·         Peptide & Protein Technology
·         Accelerated First in Man Solution
·         Solid State Services
·         Isotope Chemistry
·         Biocatalysis
Pharmaceutical Development:
·         Preformulation & Early Stage Development
·         Scale Up and Late Stage Development
·         Clinical Trial Manufacture
·         Contained Development & Manufacture

Analytical Services:
·         Physical & Chemical Characterisation
·         Method Development & Validation
·         API & Drug Product Testing
·         Stability Testing

Clinical Trial Supply:
·         Comparator Blinding
·         Packaging & Labelling
·         QP Release
·         Global Distribution & Supply Chain Management

Clinical Technologies:
·         IVR / Web
·         ePRO
·         Statistical Services

Commercial Services
·         Manufacturing & Packaging
·         Product Launch & Distribution

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AMRI Global

Albany Molecular Research, Inc. (AMRI) is a global contract research and manufacturing organization offering customers fully integrated drug discovery, development, and manufacturing services.

For over 21 years AMRI has demonstrated its adaptability as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have undergone tremendous change in response to multiple challenges. This experience, a track record of success and locations in the United States, Europe and Asia now provides our customers with SMARTSOURCINGTM, a full range of value-added opportunities providing customers informed decision-making, enhanced efficiency and more successful outcomes at all stages of the pipeline.

AMRI has also successfully partnered R&D programs and is actively seeking to out-license its remaining programs for further development.

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Aptuit is a global pharmaceutical services company that delivers early to mid-phase drug development solutions to more than 800 companies by applying scientific excellence, outstanding service and a team of some of the foremost scientific professionals in the industry. From seven locations around the world, including our strategic partner in India, Aptuit assists clients by shortening their timelines and delivering on time, in full. We solve scientific problems through technical expertise and superior project management. We provide significant value to our clients by delivering high quality services that exceed regulatory compliance standards.

Aptuit services include:
• Drug Design & Discovery
• Preclinical Biosciences
• API Development and Manufacture
• Solid State Chemistry
• Solid, Oral and Sterile Dosage Form Development and Manufacture
• Clinical Sciences
• Consulting
• Aptuit INDiGO® - Accelerated Drug Development Program
• Integrated Drug Discovery and Development

Aptuit (Glasgow) are specialist providers of formulation development and GMP manufacture of sterile dosage products, both liquid and lyophilised, for use within pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Our dedicated formulation scientists are experts in the delivery of complex formulations for liquid and lyophilised product types for small organic molecules through to large macromolecules (peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides etc). This is supported by a team of dedicated analytical scientist who are able to develop, validate or transfer analytical methods for use in the development of the formulation.

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Mr Andrew Carnegie
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Mr Gordon Kennovin
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Cambridge Bioscience United Kingdom

Cambridge Bioscience is a well established, leading European distributor of life science products bringing new and exciting technologies to researchers. Working with over forty specialist suppliers around the world, we offer an innovative, extensive and diverse range of over 450,000 products, services and instruments supporting research in the areas of drug discovery, regenerative medicine, cell culture and much more.

The products and services Cambridge Bioscience offers includes:
·         Ion Channel, GPCR & Kinase Profiling Services
·         Primary screening  & Secondary Drug Profiling Services
·         Cardiac Safety Assessment
·         Ion Channel & GPCR Cell Lines
·         Human Tissues, TMAs & Biofluids
·         Primary Cells & Cell Culture Technologies

To find out more, please meet us at the event or contact us using the details below
Cambridge Bioscience
Munro House
Trafalgar Way
Bar Hill
United Kingdom
CB23 8SQ

Tel: +44 (0)1223 316 855
Fax: +44 (0)1954 781 323

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Dr Vashu Pamnani
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CrystecPharma applies the latest supercritical fluid technologies to improve the design and performance of medicines. We provide crystal and particle engineering solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, contributing to human health by enabling new and more effective therapies. Crystec supercritical fluid technologies can be applied to both small drug molecules and biotechnologically sourced drugs.

Our services include crystal form screening and particle design, addressing issues of poor solubility and stability, improved delivery, and product enhancement in support of lifecycle management. We are also engaged in in-house programmes to develop improved small and large molecule therapeutic products.

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Dr Lyn Daintree
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Datatrial is an oncology-focused boutique clinical data organization that provides the reliability of a big company, but the personalized service and flexibility of a more nimble provider. Whether you want your study conducted in paper or through our own innovative eClinical technologies, we design your study with insight and expertise, backed by comprehensive data management, bio-statistical and consulting services. By bridging the gap between the promise of outsourcing and the way results are delivered, we make your clinical study less of a trial.

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Epistem is a biotechnology company with a specialist understanding of epithelial tissue and stem cell analyses.

The Contract Research Division delivers innovative preclinical research services in the areas of oncology, mucositis, inflammation, wound healing and skincare.

Highlights include 1st in class services in:

Oncology: We have a particular focus in developing preclinical in vivo models of Oncology that are clinically relevant. Some of these include novel models of Leukemia, orthotopic colon, orthotopic lung, orthotopic breast, and novel models of prostate cancer.

Inflammation: We are highly experienced in the field of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and offer 3 preclinical models of the disease: Adoptive T-cell transfer (chronic), DSS (acute) and TNBS (acute). We are also now offering in vitro inflammation assays, and are developing in vivo models of RA.

Mucositis: World renowned experience in Oral and Intestinal Mucositis. Epistem can progress a potential therapeutic candidate through mechanism of action studies, dose optimisation and scheduling, to functional efficacy studies.

Plucked Hair Biomarker Platform: Patient plucked hair is an ideal surrogate tissue that can be used to measure direct response to drug treatment for biomarker studies. Epistem has developed an innovative, non-invasive plucked hair biomarker platform that enables measurment of target changes in response to drug (including phosphorylated proteins) within a single plucked human hair.

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Ms Julie Foster
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Haemostatix United Kingdom

Haemostatix is developing first-in-class clotting agents or ‘haemostats’, for the treatment of bleeding in surgery and trauma. The company has pioneered a new approach to the control of bleeding that is based on a peptide that binds to the clotting protein fibrinogen, inducing the rapid and targeted formation of clots. This innovative technology platform is being used to develop a pipeline of topical and systemic products to prevent or control different forms of bleeding.

Haemostatix's products include:  PeproStat™, a topical haemostat that is applied directly to wounds to rapidly control bleeding during surgery or trauma. PeproStat has a novel mode of action that is fast and effective. The product is also stable in liquid form in contrast to the main competitor, blood-derived thrombin, enabling the development of ready-to-use formulations, a key unmet need.  HaemoPlax™ is a platelet substitute in development for the prevention of bleeding in leukaemic patients with platelet deficiency or ‘thrombocytopenia'. HXTC901 is a 'pro-drug' version of HaemoPlax that is activated by the enzyme thrombin at a wound site. HXTC 901 is designed to control more active bleeds in surgery or trauma.  

Haemostatix is based at BioCity Nottingham, UK, in the City’s Creative Quarter

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Dr Ben Nichols
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Molecular Profiles

Molecular Profiles provides contract development and manufacturing services for clients globally. We specialise in early development and clinical trial manufacturing up to phase IIb and have expertise in understanding and formulating drug candidates that possess challenging characteristics. Our experience and capabilities provide the following product outputs; solid oral dosage forms for immediate and modified release, topicals, liquids and DPI products, we also utilise Xcelodose precision dosing for rapid development of low dose clinical trial supplies. Our facilities can handle potent candidates and controlled drug substances.

We utilise the most appropriate formulation strategy for your drug candidate based around your quality target product profile. For example in the formulation development of poorly water soluble / bioavailable candidates this may include our expertise in nanomilling, spray drying, SEDDS, SMEDDS and other absorption enhancing approaches.

Underpinning all of our development and manufacturing expertise is a wealth of experience in materials characterisation and analysis which has been utilised to solve some of the most complex challenges in API and formulation development. Our renowned problem to solution approach has been utilised on over a 1000 development projects and also in establishing the patent position for commercialised blockbuster products.

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Mr Peter Farmer
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Pathology Diagnostics

Pathology Diagnostics Ltd. based in Cambridge UK, is a leading industry accredited research organisation providing tissue laboratory and diagnostic services to international pharmaceutical, biotechnology and companion diagnostics clients. We provided centralized integrated drug and biomarker testing on human and rodent tissues including IHC assay validation, digital whole slide scanning and fully automated quantitative image analysis enabling faster higher quality results at a fraction of the cost of traditional pathology approaches. We have a proven track record in early discovery & preclinical studies, clinical trials, biomarker and companion diagnostic R&D enabling you to make objective data driven decisions on your studies. Our team consists of on-site and remote medical and veterinary pathologists plus research scientists with several decades’ pathology and research experience. We hold full industry accreditation so that you may be assured that the results we generate are accurate consistent and reliable.

At Pathology Diagnostics Ltd we are embracing developments in digital pathology to become a leading reference laboratory for biomarker testing for personalized medicine. Over the last few years we have e valuated over 130 biomarkers in > 75,000 patient samples from a wide variety of tumour and normal tissues in oncology, cardiovascular, metabolic, neurodegenerative & respiratory disease.

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Dr Madhuri Warren
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