Epistem is a biotechnology company with a specialist understanding of epithelial tissue and stem cell analyses.

The Contract Research Division delivers innovative preclinical research services in the areas of oncology, mucositis, inflammation, wound healing and skincare.

Highlights include 1st in class services in:

Oncology: We have a particular focus in developing preclinical in vivo models of Oncology that are clinically relevant. Some of these include novel models of Leukemia, orthotopic colon, orthotopic lung, orthotopic breast, and novel models of prostate cancer.

Inflammation: We are highly experienced in the field of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and offer 3 preclinical models of the disease: Adoptive T-cell transfer (chronic), DSS (acute) and TNBS (acute). We are also now offering in vitro inflammation assays, and are developing in vivo models of RA.

Mucositis: World renowned experience in Oral and Intestinal Mucositis. Epistem can progress a potential therapeutic candidate through mechanism of action studies, dose optimisation and scheduling, to functional efficacy studies.

Plucked Hair Biomarker Platform: Patient plucked hair is an ideal surrogate tissue that can be used to measure direct response to drug treatment for biomarker studies. Epistem has developed an innovative, non-invasive plucked hair biomarker platform that enables measurment of target changes in response to drug (including phosphorylated proteins) within a single plucked human hair.

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