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Q Chip is using a novel approach to encapsulate therapeutics in bioresorbable polymer microspheres for injection and sustained drug release (SR). We avoid the use of harsh solvents, high temperatures and shearing forces and achieve a tuneable output with high API loading and microsphere monodispersity, minimising production cost and controlling burst release.

We have demonstrated successful sustained release for peptide GnRH and SST agonists; the technology is also applicable for small and insoluble molecules. Through partnerships/collaborations, we are now exemplifying our platform in a range of therapeutic areas, both for NCEs and generics.

Q Chip's Dutch site (Q Chip BV) opened in 2011; this new facility will be used for the GMP manufacture of clinical trial material.

Q Chip's technology platform Q-Sphera is based on the use of benign encapsulation and desolvation conditions to create highly monodisperse microspheres of bioresorbable polymer containing drug. The technology lends itself to the rapid development of novel SR formulations, the encapsulation of conventional NCEs (small molecules, peptides) as well as life cycle management and generics development.

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Dr Cora Griffin
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